Smart Agriculture IT Services

BITS Smart Ag IT Services

BITS Smart Ag IT Services

With working knowledge of smart facilities, key card access systems, security camera systems, wireless internet, point-of-sale, and many other systems, BITS can be an important partner and asset for your organization. BITS also has experience implementing GPS and location integrated technologies for a wide variety of applications.

Many of our technologies are industry independent and can cross apply to your organization. For a complete listing of services and more information please see our Technologies Overview page.

BITS has been in business for over 10 years in Colorado and we strive to partner with our customers in order to provide the most robust solutions at a sustainable cost. 

Jason Jarvis, our founder and CEO, started working on a commercial farm at the age of nine. Since that time he’s developed a strong work ethic, respect for new technology, and the ability to streamline businesses to scale. We believe that BITS can add the technological knowledge needed to help you grow your business, in any industry.