Network Video Recording and Security Camera Services

Network Video Recording and Security Camera Services


AEVID Network Video Recording and Security Camera System is a good fit for any organization or facility that needs to ensure visual evidence and deterrence of malicious activities. The use of HD, UHD, and 4K high resolution cameras and monitors ensure that clear images are used for analysis and that small details can be used to gain higher confidence in results. High quality imaging for both day time and night or low light applications is enabled by infrared night vision capabilities.

Monitoring and Managed Services

Monitoring as a Service is available as well as incident assistance. Low cost managed video solutions ensure that you can rely on your network video and save you the headaches of maintenance issues.

Integration, alarms, and incident observation

Complete network and facility integration makes AEVID easy to use and adopt. Secure remote access along with email and text alarming makes AEVID efficient and effective. Observations can be performed on any device including smart phones, tablets, and dedicated desktop workstations.

Offsite video storage and cloud NVR and Real Time Video Surveillance

AEVID as a BITS offering is available with on premise or cloud video recording storage. AEVID also allows the ability to automatically upload to offsite resources and to the Rock Silo private cloud. AEVID is ideal for deployments where real time video surveillance is needed.

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